So I like writing.. haven't done any (AT ALL) in a while.. so thought this might be a nice little addition to my website and also allow me to explore a side of me that has been left dormant for a very long time...

Im thinking to just pop down whatever i'm thinking at the time, reviews, how i'm feeling, etc. You know the kind of stuff people blog about lol. Not sure if people actually still read blogs or are interested in what I have to say.. but I will give it a go!

They will only be available to 'Supa Stars' (once I have figured out how to set the permissions lol) Im open to ideas on content and also collaborations too. If you just want to request a mix etc.. this would potentially be a good place to do that too!

Talk to me let me know what you want! I'm a giver lol.. lets get it!

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